Masterclass Camera Acting (English, professionals)

One of Hugo’s biggest passions will always be acting, and to carry forward his knowledge on other (beginning) actors. As founding father of and teacher at film actors academy, he has been teaching acting for years. Regularly, he organises masterclasses and workshops for different target audiences.

Finally, Hugo can focus again on his own teaching, after years of only dealing with mainly running the school, but at the same time acting and directing on set. The profile is back to where it began with at the film actors academy: acting people and colleagues searching for training in front of the camera. With all his experience and expertise as an actor (national and international), but also as a director, coach, casting director and even as an agent. It leads him back to doing what he does best: to make the actors shift to another mindset in a short amount of time and help them breaking through their tendency to repeat the things they did before. Most of all, he helps actors to step out of their comfort zone and make their approach to acting more specific and effective.

Every actor has a unique style and personality. It is essential to become aware of what it is what defines you as an actor. What can you physically do to make your character and acting personal and truthful? In this masterclass I will train with you on mastering your profession, working with film scenes and monologues in English, learning how to deal with making yourself seen in the acting business worldwide. The purpose is to give each actor insights in how to deal with handling a scene, learning in a technical way how to find emotional behavior that fits with the scene and your personality. How can you play the scene in many different ways, so the casting director gets an overview of all possibilities for the part, casting you? These techniques can be used in auditions, selftapes and on set.

The next masterclass will be organised on:

The masterclass consists of two days over the course of one weekend, from 14.00 – 19.00 

250,- all included > to apply, click here.

If you have any questions, before applying, do not hesitate to fill in the contact-form.

Following this training you will get more:

* confidence in your own story and the right to be there as a person and actor.

* independent in making clear choices in scenes ánd being able to let go.

* courage to show vulnerability, making the character unique and authentic.

* peace of mind to deal in a positive way with criticism and feedback.